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Phosphate Feed CAS 7757-93-9

Phosphate Feed CAS 7757-93-9

CAS No.:7758-23-8

Other Names:Calcium hydrogen


EINECS No.:231-837-1
Product Details:

Phosphate Feed CAS 7757-93-9

Phosphate Feed CAS 7757-93-9

Phosphate Feed CAS 7757-93-9

Directly manufacturer of dicalcium phosphate anhydrous---fcc grade kosher & halal with SGS/BV/ISO certificate


Powder & Granule 
MCP & MDCP (Feed grade)


Application: Calcium hydrophosphate is used as feed material, mainly offer mineral nutrients such as phosphorus, calcium, etc for farm livestock fodder. It's easy to be digested and absorbed by farm livestock, accelerating their growth and development, shortening the fattening period, gaining weight rapidly.

 Criteria Implemented: GB/T22549---2008


Product PropertiesCalcium hydrophosphate is also called dicalcium phosphate, molecular formula is CaHPO4.2H2O, Molecular weight body is 172.09. It’s white or light yellow crystalline powder, loose and dry, and can dissolve in sparse chlorhydric acid, sparse hydrogen nitrate , acetic acid, with low hygroscopicity.

 Product Packaging: Double packaged with polyethylene plastic with inner liner nonwoven fabric bag, NW: 25kg or 50kg.


Product Storage: It should be kept indoor where is shady, ventilated, dried, and free from rain, moisture and sun.

 Major Technical Specifications:



Total P content≥


Total Ca content≥


Total F content≤


Total AS content≤


Total Pb content≤


Total Cd content≤


Remarks: Above standards could be adjusted according to Customers’special demands.


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