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Diethyl Phthalate DEP CAS 84-66-2

Diethyl Phthalate DEP CAS 84-66-2
1.Appearance Colorless: clear liquid

2.EINECS No.:201-550-6

3.Molecular formula:C12H14O4

4.Purity:99.0% min
Product Details:

Diethyl Phthalate DEP CAS 84-66-2

1, The chemical formula and molecular weight

Chemical formula: C12H14O4

Molecular Weight: 222.24

CAS: 84-66-2

2, properties and uses

Colorless transparent oily liquid with a slightly aromatic fragrance. Viscosity of 13 cps (20 ℃), refractive index 1.499 ~ 1.502 (20 ℃).

The product with vinyl resins, cellulose resins, etc. Most have good compatibility. Often as a cellulose resin plasticizer, has good low temperature flexibility and durability. And DMP and used products can improve water resistance and elasticity.

 This product is also used as a spice diluents, lubricants, gas chromatography stationary phase and the like.




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