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Ammonium Persulfate CAS 7727-54-0

Ammonium Persulfate CAS 7727-54-0
1.CAS 7727-54-0
3.Grade Standard:Industrial Grade
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Ammonium Persulfate CAS 7727-54-0 



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Molecular Formula :(NH4)2S2O8

Molecular weight : 228.20


Ammonium persulfate is a white monomeric crystal with the density of 1.98.It can be wholly decomposed under 120°C,and reserve nondecomposabl for a long period under entire desiccation.It is almost non - hygroscopic,and will gradually decomposed to emit oxygen and ozone after hygroscopic effect.It will be decomposed while being dissolved in the water and being heated.It is used as chemical reagent,oxidant,bleacher,deodorizer,and initiator for the polymerization of monomers.It has the particular advantage of having strong oxidation and of being easy and safe to handle.


Ammonium Persulfate



(1)Polymerization: Initiator for the emulsion or solution Polymerization of acrylic monomers,vinyl acetate,vinyl chloride etc.and for the emulsion co-polymerization of styrene,acrylonitrile,butadiene etc..
(2)Metal treatment: Treatment of metal surfaces(e.g. in the manufacture of  semiconductors;cleaning and etching of printed circuits),activation of copper and aluminium surfaces.
Cosmetics: Essential component of bleaching formulations.
Textile: Desizing agent and bleach activator - particularly for cold bleaching.

     - Chemical synthesis
     - Water treatment(decontamination)
     - Waste gas treatment,oxidative degradation of harmful substances(e.g.Hg)
     - Disinfectant
     - Paper(modification of starch,repulping particularly for cold bleaching)


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